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DBF to XLS (Excel) 1.51.01 ($24.95)
by WhiteTown Software 
    The DBF to XLS (Excel) program allows you to convert your dbf files to XLS (Microsoft Excel) format.

DBF to XML 1.51.01 ($24.95)
by WhiteTown Software 
    The DBF to XML program allows you to convert your dbf files to XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. XML is a universal data format. It is convenient for a migration of information to a new platform.

dbQwikSite Standard 2.5 ($79)
by TheDevShop 
    dbQwikSITE creates E-commerce Sites, Catalogs & Lists from your database in seconds. Generates HTML, ASP or PHP web sites for viewing, searching, adding, editing data. Splits data across pages. Generates indexes, and navigators automatically.

Diecast 3.0 ($14.99)
by RB59.COM Software 
    This is for anyone who has a small or large diecast vehicle collection. Now you can easily keep track of your vehicles. Youcan know at a glance what vehicle you have, what color, what condition, the cost, value, scale and lots of other info.

DOC Regenerator 2.11 ($49.99)
by Dmitriy Primochenko 
    DOC Regenerator allows recovering Microsoft Word documents even in the most desperate situations. It supports all versions of FAT and NTFS and regenerates documents even from lost, deleted partitions and reformatted disks.

Document Trace Remover 3.1 ($39.95)
by Smart PC Solutions, Inc. 
    Metadata can get you into trouble! Whenever an MS Office document is created it is complemented with such properties as the author, corporate name, document changes, editing time and other metadata.

DownTime Manager 1.0 ($69)
by NathanHunt Software 
    DownTime Manager keeps track of your machine downtime.Use it for industrty or fleet maintenance etc.Track your downtime by machine and view charts by Time of Day that downtimes occur,Day of week or by the month.

Dowsing 1.0 ($14.99)
    This is for anyone who does dowsing. Now you can easily keep track of each dowsing experience. You can know at a glancewhat customer you dowsed for, what you were trying to locate, money due and more. Plus keep detailed address and specialnotes.

EA Sigma 4.0 ($269.00)
by NetTrekk, Inc. 
    The Metatrader Expert Advisor EA Sigma recognizes market conditions automatically, adapts itself and returns high profits whatever the market does.Did you ever use mechanical trading systems for currency trading? Most likely, you did and made profits

Easy Adder 1.12 ($19.95)
by The Toolsmith 
    This is the ultimate MySpace tool to help promote your band, market your product and services, or even run for office. Easy Adder automates the daunting task of adding friends, sending messages, leaving comments or posting bulletins.

Easy Notes 3.02 ($19.95)
by Ing. Tomas Koutny 
    Easy Notes is handy and intuitive tool targeting three main areas: Note Tree (a technology to store your notes in the tree structure and to have them hierarchically sorted), paper sticky notes replacement and calendar replacement.

EldoS AnyCalc 1.76 ($19.95 )
by EldoS  
    EldoS AnyCalc is ideal if you are accountant, programmer, researcher, student - it can be invoked with one key press and supports 150 functions and operators. Common fractions are supported too now.

EssentialPIM Pro Desktop Edition 1.8 ($0)
by Make 
    EssentialPIM can securely schedule your day, manage your contacts, keep track of your To Do plans and organize your notes, all within a mouse click or two.

EssentialPIM Pro Portable Edition 1.8 ($39.95)
by Make 
    can work from any removable drive,be it USB flash,floppy,etc. Buying EssentialPIM, you will get: free upgrades till version 2.9,or 1 full year of updates, whichever is longer; priority support via email;newsletter and tips for using EssentialPIM Pro

Excel Unique & Duplicate Data Remover 1.2 ($29.99)
by Sobolsoft 
    Find (search) and remove (delete) duplicate and unique entries, values, cells, records, rows, numbers in any list or table with this Excel Addin. Finding and removing duplicates and uniques will save you hours of tedious work.

ExcelEverywhere for HTML 3.4.0 ($97)
by Framtidsforum I&M AB 
    Create WEB form that looks and functions the same as your Excel spreadsheet. No programming needed. Supports 175 Excel-functions. Use it for expense report, survey, order form, application, financial advisor, ROI. Live line, bar, pie charts!

EZDupeRemover 1.0 ($29.95)
by EPim Ltd. 
    EZDupeRemover will search for duplicates in Outlook data file, offer a convenient overview and one-button removal for all items found! Industry-strength technology allows to process very large file within several minutes in easy and intuitive way.

EZOutlookSync Portable 1.0 ($39.95)
by EPim Ltd. 
    EZOutlookSync Portable allows you to use your USB flash drive to synchronize MS Outlook files on different computers, make backups of existing Outlook data files, and restore the backup data from the flash drive in several mouse clicks.

Financial Analysis - standard 2.17 ($98 )
by bnb-software  
    Financial Analysis is a software product that even in it`s basic standard edition offers great possibilities for evaluating business or portfolio performances. This easy to use program gives you results rich in numerical and graphic presentation.

Full Convert Professional MySQL Edition 1.3 ($99)
by Spectral Core GmbH 
    Full Convert provides powerful and comfortable way to convert data of many databases. Databases supported: Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Excel documents, Interbase/Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, SQL Server, Text files.

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