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StormWindow XP 7.02 ($30 )
by Cetus Software Inc.  
    Cetus StormWindow [TM] for Windows XP will allow the authorized user to add several types and degrees of security to the desktop and system of any shared Windows XP PC.

Trace Remover 1.1 ($25 )
    Trace Remover will remove all traces of usage on your computer. It removes temporary files, history of opened documents, applications, network locations and much more. You can also choose to remove any custom files, folders or file masks.

Transparent Screen Lock for Win2K/NT/XP 2.10 ($24.95 )
by software  
    Password protect your workstation or server with Transparent Screen Lock while viewing programs that are running. Any attempts to access the system will display a message box to request the password. Includes a log file to track activity.

WhatChanged for Windows 2.0 ($29.00 )
by Prism Microsystems, Inc  
    The key to good health on a networked PC is to track and rollback from involuntary changes. WhatChanged? for Windows allows the automatic tracking of changes to the file and registry. The enterprise edition allows secure centralized management.

Wild Animals Living Screensaver 1.0 ($8.95)
by Screen Show Media 
    View close-up, professional photos of wildlife. Features an animated babbling brook and surreal forest background complete with sound.

Win-Spy Stealth Window Monitor 5.0 ($19.95 )
    WinSpy is a completely invisible KEY RECORDER and SCREEN CAPTURE utility that secretly captures anything the user sees or types. WinSpy is the only 8 in 1 package on the web.

Wincph 2.20 ($24.95 )
by Yuxue.Tu  
    file encryption tool.It protect the privacy of your sensitive files and e-mail messages by encrypting them with the highest level of security.Includes hides them within a graphic file. It is integrated into Windows Context Menu.

Windows Spy 1.003 ($30 )
by Sureshot  
    Windows Spy monitors a remote computer invisibly by streaming video to a viewer on your computer. You will know exactly what is happening on the remote computer as you see it in real-time.

WinSafe 1.1.2 ($25 )
    WinSafe is a powerful but easy to use encryption program. You can encrypt your files using strong cryptography algorithms like Blowfish, CAST, SAFER-SK128, Twofish and more.

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