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M??u x??c nh??n ($45)
by M??u x??c nh??n 
    Mua ph??n m??m t?t nh???t ??? theo d?i gi??p ng???i d??ng theo d?i m?i l??n b??n / mua c?a c??c ho???t ??ng c?a c??ng ty ??? ??c t?nh hi?u su???t t?ng th?? c?a t? ch?c.

Make a Business Card ($38)
by Make a business card 
    Specialized Make a Business Card software allows users to efficiently crate and produce elegant looking and stunning business cards and in different shapes including rectangle, rounded rectangle, elliptical and many others in comprehensive manner.

Make Business Card ($38)
by Make business card 
    Affordable make business card application offer users to easily create versatile business cards by using enhanced image designing objects including lines, pencils, ellipse, rectangle, text, barcode labels, pictures, triangle, arc, circle and others.

Make Label ($45)
by Make label 
    Most appropriate Make Label utility facilitates users with advanced feature to simply create and print unique and good looking business identification cards and bar code sticker images for all type of business organizations in few countable steps.

Make Your Card ($29)
by Make your card 
    Smart birthday card creating program builds cards in various shape and size involving rectangle, ellipse, triangle and rounded rectangle etc. Make your card utility crafts assorted cards at a time as per need to send either solitary or in bulk.

MASH 7.2 ($25.00)
by BellCraft Technologies 
    Bring your Desktop to Life with Microsoft Agent Animated Talking Characters in 11 Languages! Easily record and playback entertaining character presentations by simply dragging characters around the screen and directing what they say and do.

MDB to MySQL Converter ($45)
by Drive recovery software 
    Microsoft Access to MySQL database migration program converts whole database or selected data tables, rows, columns with all data types and key constraints such as default value, null values, indexes, triggers, schemas, primary, foreign key etc.

MEmaster standard 3.0 ($30)
by Duck Communication Entertainment s.r.l. 
    MEmaster standard is a program that enables everyone to produce interactive, multimedia applications quickly and effortlessly. Windows are created by drag-and-drop on the basis of more than 500 templates. You may edit images and text directly.

MenuBox 3.2 ($79.95)
by Cloanto Corporation 
    Create AutoRun-enabled CDs/DVDs, design professional windows (sophisticated HTML or lightweight text menus) or open a document when your medium is inserted in the drive. With conditional logic for localization, viewer setup and failsafe fallback.

MS Access to MySQL Conversion ($45)
by Undelete 
    Microsoft Access to MySQL DB converter software migrate entire or selected database records of any password protected MDB or ACCDB file with all keys constraints, attributes, data types, tables, indexes etc into corresponding MySQL database server.

MS SQL 2000 to MySQL ($45)
by Data retrieval 
    MSSQL to MySQL database converter program converts MSSQL database record into MySQL database server. Database conversion software facilitates to convert entire database or selected table??s records of MSSQL into MySQL as according to user??s choice.

MSSQL DB to MySQL Migrator ($45)
by Password recovery 
    Microsoft SQL to MySQL conversion tool converts entire database records created in MSSQL to MySQL database server in a precise manner. This database migration tool provides the option to user in selecting entire database or some selected tables.

MSSQL to MySQL Migrator ($45)
by Convert Database 
    MSSQL to MySQL database attribute migration software converts source database records into MySQL server format. MSSQL database migration tool converts property values, primary keys, entry record, keys values, indexes and null values of source tables

MusiCat 1.02 ($29.95)
    MusiCat is a powerful database program designed to help you maintain an inventory of your music collection. You can quickly catalog your collection by downloading CD data from FreeDB - the worlds largest music database

My Excel Plug Numbers 1 ($12.95)
by UriSoft A Virtual Software Factory 
    By using My Excel Plug Numbers you will l be able to manage time based data externaly to your worksheet and plug it into any worksheet by using the PlugMe function anywere in the worksheets. Thia data can be easily shared by anybody in the network

MySQL to MSSQL Tool ($29)
by Undelete windows 
    Click on link and download MySQL to MSSQL Tool that overwrite the contents of existing MySQL database.

N2 Creator 2.0 ($49 )
by Altiscape, Inc.  
    N2 Creator is a 10-Step Wizard that lets anyone rapidly create, publish, and broadcast digital media presentations without hardware or programming. N2 Creator is simple to learn and use. Just fill in the blanks with your content files.

NeoBook Professional Multimedia 5.5.3 ($199.95)
by NeoSoft Corp. 
    Powerful multimedia authoring tool for creating interactive presentations, catalogs, newsletters, books, training materials, etc. Built-in compiler creates 32 bit Windows EXE files which may be distributed royalty-free.

Netron 2.6 ($96)
by iMedia-software 
    Netron converts PowerPoint presentations (static and animated presentations, with sounds) to Flash and instantly delivers your Flash presentation in an interactive e-learning platform, compatible with Internet, intranet, CD-ROMs, or LMS. Netron Con

NetXpression Online Presentation Builder 3.0 ($99.00)
by NetXpression Inc. 
    NetXpression makes it easy to get presentations online fast. NX is excellent for online presentations, sales presentations, business presentations, presentation design and online marketing campaigns.

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