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Development Tools - Active X

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Aspose.Project 1.3 ($199)
by Aspose Pty Ltd 
    Aspose.Project is a .Net Project management component which enables you to read and write Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.The latest version 1.3 adds feature working with the new licensing system; etc.

Aspose.Recurrence 1.1 ($90)
by Aspose Pty Ltd 
    The .Net event recurring component that enables you to create recurrence patterns for calendar and organizer like applications; financial market and trading applications; automated tasks schedule applications.

Aspose.Spell 1.6 ($126)
by Aspose Pty Ltd 
    The .Net multilingual spell checking component that can enable you to check spelling in more than 20 languages, including Afrikaans(ZA), Catalan(ES), Spanish(ES) and Swedish(SE) etc.

ASPThumb 1.30 ($75)
by BRIZ Software 
    ASPThumb is an ASP component (ActiveX) that allows ASP application to create high-quality thumbnails. You can use this component for automated creation of image previews in your ASP applications.

ASTC 1.50 ($19.90)
by CprinGold Software 
    ASTC component provides an easy way to enable your VB, VC++, C#, VB.NET, or other COM environment applications to add four strong functionality to your applications [system tray functions, system tray information, subclassing and Balloon Tooltip.

Audio Burner AX 1.0 ($69)
    Audio Burner AX 1.0 is an OCX control for software developers that can burn a standard audio CD from MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE, AIF, VOX and more audio files.

Audio Capture ActiveX Control 1.0 ($65)
by Viscom Software 
    For Professional Windows Developers who need to audio capture from audio input pin. for example, Line In , Microphone, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, Aux, Video, CD Audio, Phone Line. Capture audio from selected audio device.

Audio CD Ripper AX 1.0 ($69)
    Audio CD Ripper AX 1.0 is an ActiveX component for software developers that can rip an Audio CD to many types of audio files. Rip an audio CD to MP3, WMA, PCM WAV, ACM WAV, OGG, and APE audio files.

Audio CD Ripping ActiveX Control 1.0 ($100)
by Viscom Software 
    For Professional Windows Developers who need to convert digital audio tracks directly from compact discs to CD-quality MP3 , Ogg Vorbis files without generating temporary files. Embedded CD player can playback CD tracks.

Audio Editor AX 1.0 ($49)
    Audio Editor AX 1.0 is an ActiveX component for software developers. With this ActiveX you can edit and display PCM WAV audio files.

Audio Graph AX 1.0 ($29)
    With this ActiveX component you can display a meter, detect a silence, and display 2 types of audio graphs by the WaveIn/WaveOut buffers. Just send a pointer of the buffers array to the component the component will do the rest on the graph view.

Audio Join AX 1.0 ($69)
    ActiveX component to join many types of audio files, such as: MP3, WMA, WAV, ACM, OGG, APE, AIF, VOX, SND and CDA tracks from an Audio CD. The destination can be any one of MP3, WMA, WAV, ACM, OGG and APE audio files.

Audio Play And Record OCX 2.13 ($59)
by Station Media 
    This activeX let you play multiple instance of any audio file and/or stream and record audio from any input. It let you to record from any source, even from the speaker, play multi audio file at the same, controlling volume, speed, bass, treble,...

Aurigma AVI Processor 1.1 ($49 )
by Aurigma Inc. / EveryThingCyber  
    Read and write AVI files with the Aurigma AVI Processor, a powerful AVI information shovel, sound track extractor, and frame examiner. Pile high new AVI, shout new sound tracks, spin video frames, and stamp watermarks with confidence.

Aurigma Color Dialog 1.0 ($49 )
by Aurigma Inc. / EveryThingCyber  
    Aurigma Color Dialog is a handy tool which allows you to select color. Your users will be able to specify color in various color models (RGB, HSB, CMY...). Make color selecting exciting!

Aurigma File Downloader 1.0 ($149)
by Aurigma Inc. 
    ActiveX control for mass file and folder download directly from the browser. It allows your site visitors to download multiple files from your site with a single click. Features: easy GUI, progress bar, possibility to preserve folder structure, etc.

Aurigma FlashChart 1.7 ($199 )
by Aurigma Inc. / EveryThingCyber  
    The best things in life happen in a flash. Will your presentations share the excitement? The Aurigma .NET Flash Chart component ignites Macromedia Flash animated charts with all the color and intensity available in this powerful motion graphics tool.

Aurigma Graphics Mill 2.0 ($349)
by Aurigma Inc. / EveryThingCyber 
    Aurigma Graphics Mill 2.0 is a set of powerful, fast and memory-friendly components which resolves most of image processing tasks: load/save files of most popular formats, enhance, transform, display, reduce colors, combine images, draw imagery, etc.

Aurigma Graphics Processor 1.9 ($79 )
by Aurigma Inc. / EveryThingCyber  
    Want an imaging hammer, a killer tool? Aurigma's incredible Graphics Processor nails most web image formats. Color reduction, dithering? Want to combine images? Graphics Processor bangs it out with multiple effects, rich drawing capabilities.

Aurigma Media Processor 1.5 ($49 )
by Aurigma Inc. / EveryThingCyber  
    Handy, twitchy, sticky, furious-the Aurigma Media Processor thumbnails like an obsessive. Grab frames from video files (AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc.), read a library of image formats and dash through shelves of other file types (like SWF). Simply useful.

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